Our services are directed to individuals, businesses and professional firms; as general contractor we are specialized in “turnkey” business, but we also provide following services:

  • Interior and furniture design  
  • Rendering simulation 
  • Cooperation with architects, engineer and interior design
  • Furniture design and renewal of the vintage
  • Furnishing accessories supply
  • Accessories prototyping
  • Municipal permit and authorizations
  • Technical management of construction sites
  • Building works and renovation of the interior spaces 
  • Plasterboard works, painting and laying stone elements
  • Doors and windows supply
  • Sanitary systems supply
  • Installation, management and maintenance of thermal ventilation and air conditioning systems, with conformity certification
  • Installation, management and maintenance of electrical, fire detection, telephone, television, data transmission systems, with certification of conformity
  • Intermediation with leasing companies for financial leases
  • Intermediation with carriers operating in Italy and abroad
  • Approved exporter with customs point
LIB 88
Rely in a “general contractor” for your projects allows a considerable saving of time, with the guarantee to have a specialized productions and services, optimized in terms of costs and quality.

The execution of a “turnkey” furnishing works is carried out in partnership with companies specialized reciprocally in their own technological systems (electrical, air conditioning, telematics, …) and in all the necessary building works.

For the customer, have a General Contractor as a unique referent company, coordinator of the entire commission, guarantee the satisfaction of the expectations without any efforts.


In addition to the new setting up, we guarantee continuous maintenance services over time, both as a restyling of the furnishings either maintenance of the building structural parts and MEP system.

Even years later it is possible to rebuild other new furniture with the same concept and finishes chosen in the first supply.


We provide an engineering service to freelancers, with whom we find the best and sustainable technical solutions, we produce the samples of any specific materials, 3d representations, prototyping for serial production. Therefore, we offer practical support to simplify commercial negotiations and the execution of the commissions that they require more and more partnerships and multi-sectoral skills nowadays.

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